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by Melissa Taft
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With Pentecost Sunday now past, the church enters into Ordinary Time. There are still feasts and holidays and Saint’s Days and celebrations of other special people, but it is no longer the long church season that spans Advent through Pentecost. You can find resources about Ordinary Days and select church holidays on our Pentecost & Ordinary Time Resource Page. If you are curious what the difference is, you can find information and resources on the Liturgical Calendar in this post. Whether we are in Ordinary Time or not, however, did you know that there are many fun celebrations, many Saint’s Days, and many holidays throughout the year that Godspace has resources for? As we ground ourselves and our spirituality in the rhythm of life and seasons around us, it can be helpful to observe even ‘secular’ days as sacred. Perhaps to engage in the awe and wonder of fun or perhaps to practice a whole-hearted ethical spirituality, there are many reasons you may wish to observe various days. Here is a round-up of some of our posts on special days, month by month! Note that this is by no means complete; if you click on the holiday it will take you to the tag. Not all relevant posts are tagged, and not all holidays have been cataloged. But this list will give you a good place to start for any celebrations or observances! For Celtic Saints, be sure to check out our Celtic Spirituality Resource Page as well. Happy Observing!













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