Contemplative Garden Books Updated

by Christine Sine

Garden season is beginning here in Seattle. The crocuses and snowdrops are out and the daffodils are just beginning to smile at us. Flowering trees have burst into bloom around the neighbourhood too. In my garden room I have planted a whole slew of both flower and vegetable seeds and next week will plant tomato seeds. It is a wonderful time of year and gardening often forms the focus for my contemplation.

I love gardening, and find that it is a wonderful place to connect to God and find refreshment and healing for my soul. For many of us this connection is enhanced by the creation of special spaces that are specially designed to strengthen these connections. Even the small contemplative gardens I create to sit on my desk provide inspiration, refreshment and at times healing as I sit and meditate on them. I am one of a growing number of people around the planet that finding themselves drawn into the contemplative nature of gardens. I hope that this list of books will help all of us enter more deeply into this aspect of gardening.

Creativity, Contemplation and Gardening

Other Books

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Spirituality of Gardening Online Course

Spirituality of Gardening Online Course

The Spirituality of Gardening Online Course is a prerecorded course with 6 sessions that you might like to watch as the garden season begins in the Northern hemisphere.








This course will be given live on May 11th. It will be interactive with contemplative garden practices and much laughter involved.

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