Nesting Wonder

by Christine Sine

by Emily Huff

My dad made us this grapevine wreath and brought it to us for Thanksgiving last year. Little did we know that a bird would find it to be the perfect place to build a nest this spring. See below for the mama bird perched on the side of the wreath,  the lovely little blue eggs she laid, and the baby birds that just hatched!

one egg on March 29th

four eggs on April 4th

three baby birds on April 14th 

(see video below)

This made this prayer have more meaning when I read it this morning: 

A Remembering Prayer 

God of day and night,
In the great poem of creation
we read that we
were considered very good,
and that you
find glory
in us. 

We look around our city:
the birds finding home
the name of it
the shape of it
the bustle and magnificence of it

the poverty of it
the complicity of it
the repressed stories of it

the generosity of it
the corners of kindnesses
on every corner

the future of it
the past it hides from
greed and goodness
violence and visions
burdens and bodies

We pray for our city
and for the cities we are. 

Breath in us
just like you always do
and renew us
with every twilight
with every morning
with every encounter
with every opportunity.

Padraig O’Tuama, Being Here, Prayers for Curiosity, Justice, and Love

To Garden with God and Celtic cards

To Garden with God and Celtic cards

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