Liturgical Rebels Podcast

How often have you felt restricted to spiritual practices that often seem outdated and of little relevance in today’s world? Are you discouraged to express your own creative talents and develop spiritual practices that are uniquely you? The Liturgical Rebels podcast is for people like you who want to reimagine and reconstruct their faith and spiritual practices.  

The Liturgical Rebels Podcast empowers followers of Jesus to creatively reconstruct their faith and spiritual practices. Through conversation with groundbreaking practitioners from around the world who think creatively about new approaches to spirituality, we will emphasize the sacredness of all things and uncover ways in which God speaks to us through nature and creativity, through restorative justice and environmental concern, and through the mundane and ordinary acts of daily life. This podcast is for those who don’t want to just deconstruct, but also to reconstruct faith and spiritual practices; those who want to reshape belief and practice to journey closer to God and the wholeness, peace, justice and flourishing God intends not just for us as individuals but for the earth and all its inhabitants.


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Episode 1 – Inaugural episode with Christine Sine and Forrest Inslee

In this inaugural episode Christine Sine and Forrest Inslee discuss what it means to be a liturgical rebel and why it matters. They discuss how we enhance our faith by connecting to God revealed in nature, in creativity,  and in the everyday acts of life. They encourage us to explore our own pathways to discover spiritual expressions that resonate in our souls, strengthen our faith and nourish our spirits. You can find out more about Forrest Inslee at Earthkeepers Podcast and Circlewood.

Episode 2 – Poetry as Spiritual Practice with Christine Sine and Drew Jackson

Poetry as Spiritual Practice – with a true Liturgical Rebel, Drew Jackson. We discuss how poetry can help us express the laments and joys of life while enabling us to sit longer in the questions life raises not looking for answers but sitting in the mystery of all things. His poetry is part protest, part Biblical commentary and provides fresh insight as he weaves the Biblical narrative with contemporary issues of justice, lament and hope. Drew has published 2 wonderful books of poetry: Touch the Earth and God Speaks Through Wombs.  (NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I receive a small amount if you purchase through these links.) For more information about Drew Jackson visit him at his website or join him on Instagram or on Facebook.

Episode 3 – Explore Art with Scott Erickson

In this third episode of The Liturgical Rebels Christine Sine interviews Scott Erickson, a creative artist and storyteller, who shares his journey as an artist and how he uses his God-given creativity to bring the biblical story to life in fresh and new ways. They discuss his early artistic influences, his experience using art in church services, and his approach to developing a visual vocabulary.

For more information about Scott Erickson his artwork and books, please visit him at,  follow @scottthepainter on instagram or join him on substack

Episode 4 – Block prints & Faith journeys with Kreg Yingst

In this conversation, Christine Sine interviews artist Kreg Yingst about his journey as a block print artist and his approach to combining art and faith. Kreg shares how he got into block prints and the influence of storytelling art on his work. He discusses his connection with the Psalms and parables, and how his art became a spiritual practice. Kreg also talks about the impact of his artwork on people, sharing stories of healing and restoration. He emphasizes the importance of embracing creativity and finding a place in the body of Christ.

Episode 5 – Curating Worship with Mark Pierson and co-host Lilly Lewin

In this episode Mark Pierson joins Christine Sine and co-host Lilly Lewin to discuss the concept of worship curation and its impact on the way they approach church. Mark Pierson a long-time Baptist pastor in Aukland New Zealand, who coined the term ‘worship curator,’ describes it as curating contexts and spaces built around practices that offer people the potential for transformational engagement with God. He shares examples of curated worship experiences, including art installations and the Tea and Be ceremony.