by Hilary Horn

For Our Contributors

The emphasis of the Godspace writers’ community is spirituality, sustainability and social justice. Our hope is to give opportunity to writers from diverse backgrounds – age, gender and ethnicity – to express their viewpoints and thoughts while at the same time creating a network of friendships that span the globe.

We do welcome enquires from those who are interested in one time submissions as guest posts on Godspace but would only accept these if they are in keeping with our current theme (usually posted on the godspacelight facebook page) or if they are in response to a specific invitation for a special feast day, church celebration or anniversary. Please send enquiries to

Here Are The Guidelines For Those who Want to Become Part of the Godspace Writer’s Community

  1. Commit to writing at least four posts a year. For example, you might choose to write one post for Advent, one for Lent, and two other posts in other series throughout the year. If you would like to do a post a month that would be even better.
  2. Help promote the blog by sharing posts (not just your own) and letting your networks know about events and publications, maybe once a week or so on social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest or wherever else you visit.
  3. Help shape the future topics on the blog so that it becomes more collaborative, not just the editors telling you what we want you to write about.
  4. Be willing to have your posts used in future collaborative publications like the Lenten and Advent books we have produced.

Unfortunately at this stage there is no compensation for posts, though we are willing to help promote books you write, your personal website, and help expand your reach through our network of over 6,000 subscribers from around the globe.

Guidelines For Posts

  1. Written posts should be 500-800 words long. We also accept shorter pieces in the form of reflections, poetry, creative exercises or video. If you have other suggestions let us know, we want this to become as richly diverse in authorship and form as possible.
  2. Please include at least one photo (no more than 800px width and less than 200 kb; .jpg format is preferred) as attachments with your post. Make sure credits are included. If you use a photo that is not yours, please make sure you have permission to use it and let us know where the photo came from.
  3. Include websites to be linked to beside the words (highlighted) that you want the hyperlinks to go to.
  4. Regular contributors do not need to send a bio with each post. Your name will appear at the top with a link to your profile. Those who only post occasionally should send a bio, which will appear at the bottom of the post, with each submission. If you would like links to your website, page, or book, please make sure that information is also included.
  5. Please send your documents in a Google Doc or Word format to

If you know of other writers who would be interested in contributing, please help connect us. We would love to recruit from other countries and other ethnicities too so any help it promoting diversity is appreciated.

Current Theme on Godspace:


Post ideas: Racial Reconciliation, COVID-19, hope in these circumstances, ways to connect with God in challenging times, etc.


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