Gift of Wonder Online Retreat


This online retreat is based on Christine Sine’s latest book The Gift of Wonderbut with much more! Going deeper into a discovery of new depths of awe to draw us closer to God. I invite you to reawaken your inner child and rediscover the depths of awe and wonder that reconnect us to our passionate God who delights in life, celebrates with joy and exudes a sense of awe and wonder. This interactive process will have us remembering our childhood stories, doodling for fun, painting on rocks and and relearning the awe and wonder of nature walks, joyspot sightings, compassion games and exercises that enable us to delight in God in new and creative ways. This course is offered for 180 days of access.

The Gift of Wonder book is required for this course. Click here to purchase.

What will you get?

  • 180 days of access to this online course that you can progress through at your own pace
  • Video sessions with Christine Sine (6 total)
  • Interactive survey questions (answers seen by Christine only)
  • Downloadable handouts to follow each video session
  • Downloadable coloring templates to use throughout the course
  • Illustrated prayers to nourish your inner life

Give as a Gift!

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Jesus told his disciples that to enter the kingdom of God they needed to become like children yet there is rarely anything childlike about our faith. We suffer from play deprivation, nature deficit disorder, awe deletion and compassion fatigue and as a result we are God deprived too.
Course Outline
1. Introduction – FREE PREVIEW! 
2. Unleashing Your Inner Child
3. Rethinking the Gospel with Awe
4. Captivated by Awe and Wonder
5. Exploring Play – God’s Greatest Gift to Humankind
6. Never Forget – the Power of Reminiscing
7. Let’s Have Fun Creating

Endorsements for The Gift of Wonder Online Retreat

As times grow bleaker the gift of wonder (and The Gift of Wonder) takes on increasing poignancy. It feels a bit odd to suggest this because I also think that, really, the gift of wonder is always vital. But I see the gift of wonder as being part of that light that shines in the darkness that the darkness cannot overcome. May the Lord grace us with the ability to consciously choose to pursue the gift of wonder during these times and, in the midst of our difficulties, may we continue to be delighted at the presents and Presence of the Lord all around us.
Clint Baldwin, Executive Director/CEO Word Made Flesh
Christine’s book and workshop are playfully great supports through the wonder landscape of the soul. Her personal childhood stories encourage and inspire a second look at our own growing up experiences and foster a reframing of these years in terms of curiosity and God’s companionship.
Kim Balke, Expressive Arts Therapist in Tsawwassen, Canada


The Gift of Wonder Retreat inspired me to play, to sit with awe and wonder, and to create as a way of connecting with God. It makes me want more. This retreat is a wonderful antidote to these stressful times! Come and play!

Lisa Scandrette, author of Belonging and Becoming


Christine’s work is not meant to just be read. It is meant to be practiced and experienced! This is a great way to incorporate prayers, stories, and activities to increase wonder in your life!

Melody George, Social Worker in Portland, OR