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“Can you imagine a God who dances with shouts of joy, laughs when you laugh, loves to play, enjoys life, and invites us to join the fun? I couldn’t until recently. I grew up with a very serious, workaholic God. Even when my theology changed, I struggled to live into my new way of thinking. Then Jesus words, ‘Unless you become like a child you cannot enter the kingdom’, began to resonate in my head.”

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Chapter 1—Delight Yourself in God
Practice—Choose Joy
Chapter 2—Open Yourself to Awe and Wonder
Practice—Ten Miracles Before Breakfast
Chapter 3—Let Your Life Speak
Practice—Listen to Your Life
Chapter 4—Unleash Your Inner Child
Practice—Plan A Play Date
Chapter 5—Set Your Imagination Free
Practice—Read a Children’s Book
Chapter 6—Give Yourself the Gift of Curiosity
Practice—Walk a Finger Labyrinth
Chapter 7—Remember We Are Earthlings
Practice—Seed Bomb Our Neighborhoods
Chapter 8—Return to the Rhythm of Life
Practice—Have Fun With Leaves
Chapter 9—Rest in the Moment
Practice—Walking in Circles
Chapter 10—Cultivate Gratitude
Practice—Plan a Gratitude Scavenger Hunt
Chapter 11—See Things Differently
Practice—Make a Rainbow
Chapter 12—Stay Close to the Cracks
Practice—Shine Light in the Cracks
Chapter 13—Come to the Table
Practice—Welcome to the Manger
Chapter 14—Embrace Trust
Practice—Braid a Cord
Appendix: Guidelines for Leading a Group
Index of Creative Practices

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