FreerangeFriday: Praying for your Country

by Lilly Lewin
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By Lilly Lewin

It’s July… i am not sure how that’s possible. But here we are. I honestly have dreaded 2024 because of the election. So the fact that we are now in the second half of the year, it’s rather daunting . It’s been hard to get excited about a year that holds so much possibility for trauma.
Back in February, Rob and I escaped to Michigan for some winter weather and water views . We needed a break from the craziness of TN politics and we needed water. While praying for America in frustration & despair, a huge bald eagle flew by the window. Now I’ve never seen a bald eagle in Michigan, the boys have and they call him The General. Jesus used the General, the eagle, as a tangible symbol to remind me that HE IS STILL IN CONTROL! Despite all the craziness, Jesus is still in control and still present here.
So I have decided to make July a month of intentional prayer for America. I have prayed and i do pray for this country but honestly I often have lost hope & gotten angry rather than prayerful. I am going to use all the flags I see around town, as reminders to pray!

Canada just celebrated Canada Day on the first of July, and the UK just had a big election yesterday.
I feel like all of our countries could use our prayers for more love and less hatred, for
compassion, for deliverance from evil! For wisdom & clarity rather than conspiracy!
And for peace!
Lord help us to love our neighbors as you love them!
Lord in your mercy! Hear our prayer!

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When you see your country’s flag this month, use it as a reminder to pray!
Be grateful for the things that are unique to your land.
Be mindful of all the gifts and blessings.
Pray for leaders who can lead with compassion and honesty.
Pray for peace and compassion.
Pray for ways to help bring that love and compassion into your world.
And love the people that Jesus has put in your pathway today.

PRACTICE 1:Use the flags you see to pray for your country and for us here in America please!

PRACTICE 2: Show God’s love in a practical way!  Yesterday, I decided to bake cookies to share with some of my neighbors. It was a practical way to love them on a day when I felt conflicted. What ways can you show love to your neighbors this July?

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