The Reconciling Power of Resurrection

by Christine Sine

Reconciling hug

Over the season of Lent this blog and the MSA blog focused on the broad theme of reconciliation. Lent is now well and truly over but our need for reconciliation is an ongoing work. You can expect to read much more on this theme throughout the rest of the year.

As I have mentioned several times over the season, the good news of the gospel is God’s desire to reconcile all things to God self. This is an holistic plan, that embraces not just our inner transformation and reconciliation to God but restoration of creation, the making of peace where there is enmity, healing where there is brokenness and renewal wherever the image of God is distorted. Our creator has begun a process of redemption to restore all things to what they were meant to be.

I know that like me, many of us have not had time to read over the reflections that have been posted so I wanted give you an opportunity to do that.

Practicing Reconciliation will also be the theme for our 2015 annual retreat on Camano Island. We hope that you can join us.

Also, we are in the process of putting together a reading list on reconciliation. If there are books that you think are “must reads” on this topic, please leave a comment at the end of the post.

Posts on Reconciliation from Godspace – these posts are written by myself unless otherwise noted.

Meditation Monday – Let God’s Love Speak

A Prayer for Good Friday 2015

The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu

Meditation Monday – The Subversive Walk of Holy Week

Fall In Love – A Prayer for Lent by Father Pedro Arrupe

Reconciled to the Image of God

United by Love Not Doctrine

Celebrating Oscar Romero – A Step Along the Way

Meditation Monday – How Do You Treat Snake Bite?

Prayers for Lent by Desmond Tutu.

Communion in Mombasa By Idelette McVicker

Variation is So Much Fun by Lynn Domina

Journey to Mosaic…. small step towards reconciliation by Tom Sine

Meditation Monday – Getting Ready for A Dry Spell

Do It Anyway – A Lenten Prayer by Mother Teresa

The Game of Life by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt

Reconciliation by Michelle Pittenger

Lenten Disciplines for Social Justice by Katelin Hansen

Meditation Monday – A River Runs Through

I Cannot Do This Alone – A Lenten Prayer by Dietrich Bonhoeffer 

Reconciling our Fragmented Selves by Alex Tang

The Body by Keren Dibbens-Wyatt

The Heart of Tolerant Hospitality in Reconciliation by Steve Wickham

Meditation Monday – Let Your Light Shine 

Thomas Merton’s Most Famous Prayer – A Good Prayer for Lent

Cut off or Reconciled – Meredith Griffin

Ha Ha Mommy Is An Alien – by Theresa Froehlich

Confessions of a Bookworm by Kate Kennington Steer

Monday Meditation – A Hidden Wholeness

Social Innovate – Join the Feast With Tom Sine

Let Us Pray As Jesus Taught Us.

Let’s Rethink Lent This Year.

Playing for The Ashes – A Reflection for Ash Wednesday

Get Creative and Play Games In Lent

Stop Playing Games – Join God’s Reconciling Work for Lent.

Posts on Reconciliation from Mustard Seed Blog. These posts are written by Andy Wade unless otherwise noted. 

Holy Week Reflections 

Reconciled to Self, and then some 

Gardens of Reconciliation

Open Hire, A Path Toward Reconciliation

A Cup of Peace – AJ Block

Justice, Filipino Style – Al Tizon




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