Hospitality – Opening Doorways to the Kingdom – The Posts So Far

by Christine Sine


I hope that you are enjoying this series as much as I am. I appreciate the richness of the guest posts that have been contributed and look forward to what will continue to be contributed in the future. In case you have missed some of the posts here is the list so far. I have also included a couple of my favourite recipes in case you want to consider a little hospitality over the summer too.

Hospitality and the Prosperity Gospel: What’s in it for me? by Meredith Griffin
Hospitality and Listening – Lynne Baab
Hospitality to the Poor, Oppressed and Marginalized As A Way of Life – Mark Votava
Embracing the Wild Hospitality of God
A Hospitality of Openness – Kate Kennington Steer
An Adventure of Amazing Hospitality By Fay Williams
Hospitality for the Gluten Free
Hospitality As A Call For All Of Life by Lynne Baab
A Celtic Hospitality Liturgy
Radical Hospitality – A Reading List
An Invitation to Summer Hospitality.
The Most Delicious Carrot Cake I Have Ever Tasted
Redeeming the Curse – Count your Blessings
Welcoming Angels Unawares by Amy Boucher Pye
Guests of the World.
Cooking Is Not A Spectator Sport.
Strangers, Friends, Angels Unawares
Communion not Conversion, Slow Church Not Fast Food
Sharing Food, Sharing Life.
Pear and Raspberry Bread – A Delicious Alternative to Banana Bread
Making Bread – Slowly
Amazing Quinoa muffins
Hunza Pie – Great Way to Use Greens
A Wonderful Apple Cake

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