Memorial 9/11 Prayers – A Resource List for 2021

by Christine Sine
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Each year on the memorial of 9/11, our memories resurface and grief is poured out. Unfortunately, fear and insecurity also tends to rise at this time, fuelled by continued terrorist threats and fear. At a time like this, it is important to turn to prayer – to pray for those who still grieve, for those who are still angry, for those who see this as a time to plan further acts of terrorism. Above all it is a time to pray for those whose lives are still vulnerable because of war and terrorism. It is a time to pray for peace, reconciliation and understanding across the seemingly impenetrable barriers that separate us.

For the tenth anniversary, I wrote a prayer which I continue to read and try to live up to each year. Others, too, write regularly for this day and I thought that this year I would post some of the best prayers and liturgies I have found that draw us towards God, towards peace and towards tolerance rather than towards fear and anger at this time. For that reason I have chosen prayers from a variety of faith perspectives, not just Christian. I find that mediating on what those who believe differently than I do think, is often a first step to reconciliation and forgiveness. Many were written for the 10th anniversary and since then but are still pertinent today.

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I continue to adapt my own prayer for this day as I meditate on the horrors of war and terrorism, the plight of refugees and the atrocities and useless killing and maiming that result.

God, so much violence, so much pain, so much heartache.
May our remembrances of this day instill within us a horror of war,
And help us stand against the atrocities caused by terrorism. 
As we grieve with those who still mourn,
And share memories with those who cannot forget,
May we be stirred by your love and compassion for all.
As we remember those who bravely responded,
And gave their lives to save others,
May we draw strength from their selfless sacrifice.
As we stand with strangers who became neighbours that day,
Sharing and caring for people they did not know,
We give thanks for their generosity and hospitality.
May it remind us of the call to be good Samaritans,
Reaching out across race and culture to other victims of violence.
So many in our world have lost loved ones to terrorism and war,
So many have been displaced from homes and country, 
May their plight fill us with a longing for peace.
Let us seek for understanding and reconciling,
And not turn from your kingdom ways.
Above all God may we remember your faithfulness,
And learn to trust in your unfailing love.

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Mark Votava September 2, 2014 - 9:29 am

Christine, beautiful thoughts on longing for reconciliation, tolerance, compassion and peace.

Christine Sine September 2, 2014 - 11:11 am

Thanks Mark

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