Sustainability, Pentecost & Beyond

by Hilary Horn

Dear Friends,
It is hard to believe that we are at the end of April. Here in Seattle the fruit trees are in full bloom and the early vegetables are growing rapidly.
I feel that Godspace is once more in full bloom too. We appreciate your encouragement during our transitions and the responsiveness to our posts and the new website.

Accepting the Sustainability Challenge

Our present series on sustainability is engaging people far more than we expected.

In response to Hilary Horn’s post Six Ways to Start Living Sustainably on a Tight Budget we have heard from people who have joined Buy Nothing groups across America. Others have read An Ocean of Plastic Hope and been challenged many to reduce their own plastic waste. Some like me have started making their own yoghurt or bread or the simple step of giving up plastic shopping bags. Still others after reading I Have 36 Slaves Working For Me are grappling with how to clothe themselves more responsibly. Every little step makes a difference.

Our call to a more sustainable life rhythm has also caught readers’ imagination. For example my post Living To a Sustainable Rhythm will be republished in the Mennonite World Review.

As we move towards Pentecost, check out our recently updated resource lists on Pentecost, Trinity Sunday and Ascension Day. Also don’t forget to download the FREE garden guide for those planning a community garden and if you are looking for a relaxing series of meditations for the quiet days beyond Pentecost consider our much read Rest in the Moment available in paper or downloadable formats.

Godspace contributor Jenneth Graser is running a free online retreat Poetry as Therapy in June, which I also highly recommend to you. Several other Godspace authors was well as myself, will be contributing.

Looking Beyond Pentecost

As we move beyond Pentecost there will be even more to keep your eyes open for on Godspace. Our theme will be Inspiring Creativity in Faith and Action. We are called to co-create with the living God yet often feel that expressing our creativity is discouraged. So let’s explore our creative impulses and encourage each other on the journey. Perhaps you would like to shared your own creative inspiration for writing, journaling, crafting liturgies, and poems, painting, composing music or gardening. We are always looking for new contributors. Or you might want to just read along and invite your friends to join you.

There are so many ways that we can express our God given creativity. We appreciate your prayers as Tom and I continue our own endeavors in this area. I am just completing a manuscript The Gift of Wonder to be published in March 2019 by IVPress and am working on a proposal for Abingdon on another project tentatively titled Rhythm of Life, Rhythm of Creation. Tom is also exploring writing another book and appreciates your prayers for wisdom and discernment

God’s blessings be with you over this coming month.

Christine Sine
Godspace Founder and Facilitator

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