Greetings from Seattle & An Update about Godspace

by Hilary Horn

Greetings from Seattle where Tom and I are enjoying a warm and beautiful summer. Like many of you we have relaxed our work schedule and are drinking in the beauty of our surroundings.

It is, I feel a well-deserved rest as I have just handed in the edited version of my upcoming book The Gift of Wonder.  Last year I was riveted by Jesus phrase “To enter the kingdom of God you must become like children” and asked my Facebook friends “What are the childlike characteristics that make us fit for the kingdom?” I received dozens of responses and made a list of twelve characteristics that I explore in this book – play, curiosity, awe, love of nature and many more. It has been a wonderful experience for me and I am excited about its release next year, hopefully in March. Be sure we will keep you posted.

Tom is starting work on a book too, though his is still in the early planning stages. He would appreciate your prayers as he develops a proposal to engage publishers.

Emails have changed

Imperfection # 1 – we forgot to let everyone know that in the transitions of this last year our emails have changed. The msaimagine emails no longer work so please delete them from your contacts.

My email is now

Tom’s is

Godspace Admin is

Godspace has moved again

Evidently the server we were using was inadequate for the task. Godspace has grown so much over the last few years with daily posts, many resources and an active store. All of this means more space needed. I pray this will be the last move. We now have a new web team working with us and they seem to be far more professional than the last who I think had only worked with small blogs in the past and so was overwhelmed by Godspace. We in our ignorance did not realize what a problem this could create for us. Not only are we imperfect but our website is too.

In the process we have lost many of the photos on posts and need your help to get them back. Please look through the posts you like to revisit and let us know which ones have no photos. If there are prayers missing and you know which ones they are we would love your help in reposting these. Embarrassingly I have not always kept a record of prayers I post so am having trouble recalling what belongs where.

On the up side people love the new website. It is so much easier to find posts and resources.  I think we are getting there. Please help us get the website back into the best shape possible. As you can imagine this has been a frustrating (and expensive) process that has been a challenge for Hilary and I as it drained time from other priorities.

Our focus on Godspace for the next couple of months will be Spirituality of Imperfection. We are all imperfect – flawed, incomplete, longing to be made whole. We all make embarrassing mistakes and I am hoping that we will get a taste of these as our authors contribute posts for the series. I kicked off a little early last week with my post Meditation Monday – The Spirituality of Imperfection.

In October we will start a theme: “Getting Ready for Christmas” We will look at how we can simplify, do justice, consider alternative gifting like fair trade, buy locally or DIY gifts, live sustainably during the holidays as well as how to give a different spiritual focus rather than consumerism. After American Thanksgiving we will have a week of gratitude leading up to Advent and Christmas.

There are lots of great posts from the last couple of weeks that I would encourage you to read especially:

Lilly Lewin’s God Speaks Through Crayons

John Birch’s prayer May the Love of God 

Tom Sine’s Waking Up To being a Privileged White Guy.

Enjoy the season whether it be summer or winter for you. Many blessings on you all we appreciate your prayers and encouragement.

Christine Sine
Godspace founder and facilitator

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