What’s Happening At Godspace?

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine.

Godspace is getting a new look, a new focus and a new team.

I am once again facilitating the blog, reenergized by my time away and ready to help refocus and renew its purpose. I so appreciate the work Andy Wade has done over the last few years to help me transform it from my personal blog to a community blog and resource center with more than 50 contributors from 10 countries. We hope to continue expanding this and improving the quality of the resources we provide. I am delighted that Andy will continue to contribute compelling articles like his recent Shalom in a World of Conflict and look forward to hearing the fresh insights that emerge as he begins a new job with Gorge Owned in Hood River, Oregon where he lives. He is still a very good friend and I will miss his monthly trips up to Seattle (a four hour drive) for our planning meetings.

Godspace is currently being updated and redesigned and I am blessed to have the help of Hilary Horn, photographer and graphic designer. We love having Hilary her husband Trevor and sons Ephraim and Abram as part of our small community.

Here is our current draft of the new vision statement. It is still taking shape and we appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have as we move forward.

Godspace: an invitation to create a pathway to a more vital whole-life faith. Through diverse voices from around the world we seek to inspire readers to notice, explore and experiment with fresh ways to connect more intimately to God, more effectively to their neighbours and more responsibly to creation. We are concerned about issues of sustainability, community, justice and spirituality and work to motivate followers of Jesus to develop a faith that is expressed in every part of their lives.

The Godspace theme for September and October is Let Hate Become Love. Violence and hatred seem to prevail in our world today, yet God is a God of love. What does love look like in our world today and how can we be instruments of God’s love into our world and the lives of those around us? I have been inspired recently by people who dance together, play together, work together and gardening together as acts of reconciliation https://godspacelight.com/2017/08/21/meditation-monday-dance-your-way-to-reconciliation/ It heartens me to know that such hope giving events can have a lasting impact on our behaviour.

In November and December the blog will focus on preparing our hearts and lives for Christmas. Our theme is Joy to the World. This is a favourite Christmas hymn for many of us, yet I wonder what is the joy that we look forward to in this season and how can we help bring it into the world? I have sensed for a long time that we need more than just the month of Advent to prepare us for the celebration of Jesus birth and this year we will take more time and encourage you to do so too. If you would like to submit a post to Godspace please contact Hilary at godspacelight@gmail.com


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Bee Jay Mar August 30, 2017 - 8:40 am

Just a bit confused by the statement: We are concerned about issues of sustainability, community, justice and spirituality and work. Should there be a few more commas in there? or is justice-spirituality-work one concern?

Christine Sine August 30, 2017 - 9:35 am

Probably should have more commas Bee Jay, I have a tendency to leave them out

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