Godspacelight Brokenness

Links and memory and updates - oh my!!

by Christine Sine

Dear Community,


We are experiencing quite a new level of broken links here at Godspacelight! Thanks to memory limitations and plug-in shenanigans we are having to go back and relink almost all of our resource page links one at a time.  Never fear, it will get done, but, it’s going to take a while…

As we forge on with updating pages we think are critical and needed imminently, we welcome your inquiries about links you need. So if you come across a broken link that you would like fixed, please let godspacelight know by email – our address is godspacelight at gmail. I’m spelling it out to hopefully decrease the amount of spam we will get by having this on the site.

Meanwhile, enjoy the lovely spring flowers in Christine’s containers, they are pretty spectacular!


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