Within the Clutter; A Prayer

by Hilary Horn

By John Birch —

There are days in all of our lives, I guess, where any hope of peace, reflection or simply space to be alone is lost to the demands of work, family or friends (etc). There can be days full of joy, but also ones which pull us down and leave us stressed and vulnerable. Getting a balance within our lives of those things which must be done now, and those which could be deferred until tomorrow is not always easy, but is important, both for our health and our faith.

We are followers of Jesus, and as such act as his hands and voice within the world. Yet even the Son of God had to find time to be alone with his Father and with his thoughts, be at peace even if just for a short while, put the day ahead into focus before getting on with the day.

We need to prioritise within our daily lives, to be good stewards of our time and love as we also seek to be good servants of our gracious God.


Within the clutter

and confusion

of our daily lives,

help us prioritize ,

be good stewards

of our time and love,

grateful servants

of our gracious God.

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