Getting Ready for a Sacred Summer

by Lisa DeRosa
Lilly Lewin and I have been meeting every Thursday morning over zoom for the last month planning our retreat on Saturday. I cannot remember when I have had so much fun getting ready for a retreat. I love the ways we stir each other’s creativity and encourage each other to think outside the box for our spiritual practices. I mentioned last week that spurred by my preparations for this retreat I have already put together a new portable spiritual kit, started creating a new meditation garden for the summer and worked on practices for the upcoming season. But each time I talk to Lilly, I find myself adding new items and and rearranging others. Wow, I think I will be better prepared for this season than I ever have been.
How will you make space for God this summer? What are symbols of summer for you?
We all need refreshment. We all need to refuel after a crazy year. How can we make connections with God outside the church building? What if we plan to have a Sacred Summer?
Register now and join us on a retreat to help get your summer started. During our time together, we will explore creative ways to enrich our spiritual lives in the coming season. We will create sacred spaces that can form points of stability for the season ahead. Portable sacred spaces for our travel and sacred centerpieces for our desks, dining room tables, or even our gardens. Whether you are heading into summer or winter, these are incredibly important for our lives. I hope you will join us for this time of refreshment and renewal and find points of stability for your life too. Our retreat will include discussion, creative exercises, and reflective pauses. Come get a taste of a sacred summer (or winter)!

When?: June 5, 2021 from 10am to 1pm Pacific Time (Convert Time Zone)

Where?: Virtually through Zoom

How?: Register and pay here

Cost? $24.99 for the 3 hour retreat and the recording after the session

We will email you the details for what you will need, the handout we will use during our session together, and the recording will also be emailed after we finish the session if you are not able to join us live.

Making time for a Sacred summer with link

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