Water Lilies and Tide Pools

by Christine Sine

Poem and images provided by Gilbert George 2021, All Rights Reserved, used with permission.

I turned in my path, glancing
towards the lake, while walking
behind two dogs, one still learning
about walking with humans on
that strange leash contraption.
I saw the white and pink starbursts
of water lilies in full bloom.
Their patterned beauty lent an extra
stillness to an unnavigable nook
of a lake formed by the collapse of
a sand dune blocking the flow of
a stream to the sea.

The dunes eventually give way
to the roaring of the sea
pounding the rocks of today
into the sands of tomorrow.
Nestled in the rocks are pools of life
filled with crabs, starfish, anemones,
and sea urchins of a purple so radiant
as to arouse envy in even
the most powerful of emperors.

This beauty, found near the
basking of the seals and the
salty tang of the sea spray
creates a soul stilling feast
of the senses, instilling wonder
once again into this cynic’s heart.

tide pool


  1. What are some things in nature or your home that instill awe and wonder for you?
  2. Think about how you obtained that item or how the particular thing in nature got there for you to see. Thank God for the encounter with creation or for the item that you own.
  3. How can you continue this awe when you think about people in your life? Who are you grateful for? Who needs prayer? Who needs justice and love?

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