Making Time for a Sacred Summer


Virtual – June 5, 2021: 10am to 1pm Pacific Time (Convert Time Zone)

How will you make space for God this summer?
We all need refreshment. We all need to refuel after a crazy year. How can we make connections with God outside the church building? What if we plan to have a Sacred Summer?
Register now and join Lilly Lewin and Christine Sine on a retreat to help get your summer started. During our time together, we will explore creative ways to enrich our spiritual lives in the coming season. Our retreat will include discussion, creative exercises, and reflective pauses. Come get a taste of a sacred summer!


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Lilly and I are awed at the broad array of summer symbols that can gain spiritual significance for us when we stop and think about them. Everything from beach combing to putting on suntan lotion can be the inspiration for practices that draw us closer to God. Summer spirituality is not usually confined to buildings. It is often spontaneous, stirring our senses in unexpected ways that can draw us closer to God.
The pathway between these stirrings and the creation of spiritual practices that add meaning to our summer experiences and connect us in special ways to God is not always obvious. We all need help to shape our experiences into practices of refreshment and renewal. We need to stop, listen, learn and create.
This retreat will help provide these connections. Join us as we delve into our memories of summers past, journal about our experiences and create summer centerpieces for our homes and portable kits for our travels. This will be refreshing, creative and fun.