Freerange Friday: Praying in the Everyday with the Laundry

by Lilly Lewin

by Lilly Lewin —

The Celtic Christians prayed along the way…they prayed as they got up in the morning and rekindled the fire, they prayed as they went out the door to work, they prayed for family members as they cleaned up their homes, they prayed for their work as they walked down the lanes to the fields.

I find this comforting as there are so many mundane tasks that have to be done day in, and day out. The prayers of the Celtic Christians have inspired to me to pray along the way too. To pray using everyday things, and allow every day tasks and chores to be prayer times.

So for Freerange Friday we are going to pray with our laundry!

Missing socks…

Missing dreams…

Maybe your dreams have been lost like a sock in a dryer…

Maybe you cannot find it’s mate

Or maybe your dreams have become shrunk or wrinkled?

Maybe they have been sitting too long wet and still in the bin

and now they stink…

Like old cheese.

What are your dreams with God?

What are God’s dreams for you?

Have you asked God lately?

Take some time,

Pray about this.

Dream Big.


As you sort, fold or wash your socks, let your dreams grow.

Talk to God about your dreams, your dreams that may have holes in them, or gotten lost or separated along the way.

Dreams that are worn thin and need new life.

Dream Big with God about your life!

Ask God to show you the dreams God has for you as you wash &fold socks.


Clothes prayers:

How’s your spiritual life at the moment?

Is it in dirty piles on the floor? Or heaped in a corner ?

Is it neatly folded and put away so no one can see it?

Is like your favorite T-shirt and pair of jeans?

Or is it more like a prom dress put away for a one time gig?

Is it well-worn?

Or does it still have on the tags?

Is it a hand me down faith or have you received it on your own?

Does it need mending?

Does it need to be re-sized because you’ve out grown it or lost some weight?

What garment, what piece of clothing represents your spiritual life right now?

Take it out of the pile, or the drawer or the closet and hang it up where you can see it each day…allow God to speak to you through this garment or item.

Is there a garment or item of clothing that you’d like to represent your new life in God? Place that out too or cut out a picture of this item and hang it up where you can see it daily. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through the piles in your room, the laundry basket and even your wardrobe or closet.


Praying for others:

If you do laundry for other people….like your family or roommates,

Pray for them as you wash their clothes or as you fold them. And if you have kids help you wash and fold, get them to pray with you!

Ask Jesus to warm their hearts, to clean any spots or soiled areas that are troubling them. To help them feel clean and whole. To be refreshed with the Spirit. What else comes to mind?


If you do laundry at a laundromat, pray for the people you see around you….

Consider their lives…

What are their needs?

Ask Jesus to touch their lives in ways that make him real to them.

Take along some extra Quarters to give to someone who might need help with their laundry, or help someone carry out a load or two.

Ask Jesus to help you see with new eyes the needs around you.


If you use a dry cleaner, get to know them.

Too often service providers don’t get treated with honor or respect.

Begin to pray for them and their business.



Jesus, thank you that you are with us in the day to day pieces of living.

Thank you for the power to sort through the piles that clutter our lives.

Thank you for seeing the spots and loving us even with our stains.

Thank you that you already know our dirty laundry, the stuff we try so hard to hide away, and you long to set us free.

Thank you for your promise to wash us and make us whiter than snow.

Help us to know this. Help us to receive this!

Help us to receive your love and your cleansing forgiveness.

And Help us Lord to share your cleansing love and forgiveness with those around us.



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