A Prayer for the Evening

by Melissa Taft
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by Jenneth Graser

I gather myself together

in circles of returning to you,

thinking carefully over the day,

winding around pathways of memory.


I seat myself in the evening light,

shadows flickering between

each stroke of my pen

and my growing awareness of you.


If I look at what has happened

and take a moment to wonder 

about both the good and the bad,

I will find wisdom buried here.


In fact, I may pause, lay aside 

all things for a time,

let everything drop, for a walk

in the darkening garden.


I listen for the last call of sunset birds

preparing for the nest,

a final snatch of insects hovering,

and the rumble of people homeward bound.


I am surrounded by you, three-natured God,

I offer my sounds, under trees –

prayers among the settling down of the earth,

beneath a welcome of stars.


I savour what you do in my moments

of feeling, living and breathing;

I offer my heart as the final song of this day,

a slow-turning surrender.

Painting from Raw Pixel by Sir Edward Burne-Jones

Editor’s Note: You can find Jenneth Graser’s Prayer for the Morning here!

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