Jenneth Graser

by dbarta
Jenneth Graser

Jenneth has her poetry published with Tiferet Journal and she is part of a community of writers for the Godspace blog. Her poetry has appeared in Women’s Spiritual Poetry BlogMy Utmost Christian Writers and 30 Poems in 30 Days: Writing Prompts from Philip Marley and Tiferet Journal. She is the author of Catching the Light, The Present Moment of Happiness, Prayers for a Pioneer, Christmas Conversations and Look up: a Book of Meditations. She is currently working on a devotional: Unlocking the Secret Garden: 100 Days of Prayer.

Jenneth lives in a seaside valley of the Western Cape of South Africa with her husband, Karl and homeschools their three daughters. Karl and Jenneth have a deep desire to see people work together in unity to overcome obstacles and make changes in their communities fuelled by love and to see the walls between people come down.

Through her writing and contemplative music, Jenneth has a desire to share hope and the ability to dream again. She firmly believes that we never arrive, but are always changing, learning and growing – even into eternity.

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