The Road of Via Dolorosa

by Melissa Taft
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by Jenneth Graser

I pray along the road of Via Dolorosa,

to experience the love that led you here.

I pray along the road

that brought you to the cross.

I pray among the silence

of no retaliation.

I listen for the answers that

never came,

and the lack of words that spoke

a greater word

all the same.

I pray beside the taunts and 

jeers that lined

the road of each step you took.

I pray as I hear a man called

from out of the crowd

to carry this cross for you.

I pray to see the deeper meaning

of the road you traveled.

I pray to hear the hammering in

of nails and the rolling of the dice.

I pray to hear the gambling voices

and to see the sign above your

head, a crown of thorns.

I pray to hear the words

of men on either side, crucified.

I pray to see your eyes,

to see your eyes, and love

poured out from your side,

blood and water words,

Father forgive them, they know

not what they do.

I pray to know the power in

the blood you shed,

your sacrifice, your giving over,

your choice to humble so yourself

that stars bowed down and

the sky lost its way

as it plummeted down

on the final breath you breathed.

I pray to see beyond the

silence that then fell,

the chaos that ensued,

your Beloved ones

weeping with the grief

they never knew could be.

I pray to hear the shouts

from the soldiers looking

up aghast with revelation:

Surely, this man was the

Son of God.


I pray to see the morning

beyond this day, the fullness

of your grace,

your resurrected face

among the flowers and the dew.

Before returning to your Father,

appearing to your waiting friend,

there to pour out on you,

anointing oils for burial.

I pray to feel the surprise of that day,

as face to face, she mistook you

for a gardener.

I pray to once again be

astonished by the vanquishing

of sin, as the sun arose

differently from that day forevermore;

upon your resurrection.

I pray to hear the words

you spoke, on the light of the morning

to the friend who gasped with recognition,

receiving the first message

from the One who rose again,

I am ascending to my God and your God,

to my Father and your Father.

Photo by Jenneth Graser of a sculpture by Right Mukore of Right Sculptures, Montebello Design Centre, Newlands, Cape Town, taken with permission.

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