Restoring Rhythms – A Haiku Book of Hours

by Melissa Taft

all words and images by Kate Kennington Steer

Vigils (night)

wind moans Spirits call:

turn and face blueblack darkness

I want to meet you


Lauds (dawn)

come, enter this day

pink dawn beckons quietly

Your light arising



Terce (morning)

sounds of life stirring:

come, enter this adventure

cocreating gold



Sext (noon)

unfurling Colour:

you are my precious treasure

bright poppys glory



None (midafternoon)

keeping eyes open:

will you receive My Ikon?

solace of tea time



Vespers (evening)

light falls shadow blooms:

time now to cease your striving

Source longs to feed you



Compline (night)

trees whisper young owls

Beloved companionship:

peace be upon you



*  *  *

Editor’s Note: Kate Kennington Steer has generously put together a FREE beautiful booklet of these haikus! You can download it from our shop and enjoy the inspiration at any time – click here for more information! *  *  *

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