The Haiku Book of Hours – Free Download


With words and images by Kate Kennington Steer, this charming little booklet will have you pondering each pause of the day. Enjoy these contemplative haikus, posted originally under our theme of Restoring Rhythms and Seasons – a gift from Kate Kennington Steer to you!


With words and images by Kate Kennington Steer, this sweet little booklet has a reflective haiku for each prayer of the day.

Kate Kennington Steer is a writer, photographer and visual artist.  She has a deep abiding passion for how spirituality might be revealed, received and expressed through creativity in general and contemplative photography in particular.  Every now and then she wonders about these things at her shot at ten paces and image into ikon blogs. For the last few years she has also been running a low-key Facebook project Acts of Daily Seeing alongside gentle ambling conversations about contemplative photography.  Join in by becoming a friend, or just pause for a second to see what God might reveal to you this day.