Artful Julybilee 2022 Compilation


This free downloadable compilation of our Artful Julybilee explores the theme Living As Christ Lived: Towards Justice, Love, and Peace for All Creation through the lens of art. Enjoy photographs, stories, reflections, paintings, and more in this beautiful booklet – gathering everything from our 2022 Artful Julybilee into one place!

Compiled and edited by Melissa Taft, this collection includes rich artful contributions from: Christine Sine, Lynne Baab, David Baab, John Birch, Ana Lisa de Jong, Carol Dixon, Keren Dibbens-Wyatt, Gil George, Jenneth Graser, Evelyn Heard, Kate Kennington Steer, Laurie Klein, Joy Lenton, Lilly Lewin, Lisa Scandrette, and Melissa Taft


Living As Christ Lived: Towards Justice, Love, and Peace For All Creation

In July 2022, we ran a special feature each Thursday that examined the intersection of our theme and practical reality through the lens of art. What followed was an exploration of what it meant to live as Christ lived and how that translates into living towards justice, love, and peace for all creation – joyfully celebrated through various mediums of art. Godspace thanks all of our talented artists for their thoughtful and creative contributions exploring many facets of our theme. It truly was a jubilee – an Artful Julybilee.

You can find each of the original posts below, which were presented in backwards order to how they are ordered in this book. Originally the intent was to present our theme as leading into each other – living towards peace leads to love leads to justice leads to living as Christ lived. For the intent of this collection, they are presented in order of the theme Living As Christ Lived: Towards Justice, Love, And Peace For All Creation. There are also a few bonus pieces scattered throughout. Enjoy!

Living As Christ Lived:

Towards Justice For All Creation:

Towards Love For All Creation:

Towards Peace For All Creation: