Resources for Celebrating Lent and Easter with Kids – What’s New for 2023

by Christine Sine

Celebrating Lent with kids is a passion with so many people and this list keeps expanding. I have tried to provide a number of activities and devotional suggestions from a variety of theological perspectives. If you know of “must have” additions please let me know. You might also like to check out my Pinterest Board Lent and Easter for Kids. I update this regularly throughout the year as I come across new resources that look interesting.

This is another updated list that I am reposting as so many are looking for resources and often miss the Godspace resource page where you can find all of our resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter, including a number of free downloadable.


Celebrating Lent With Kids

Making Easter Eggs

I am not usually a fan of Easter egg hunts which I often think move the emphasis of Easter from Christ to chocolates and sweets. However, I do think that the making of eggs can be a wonderful way to explain the Easter story to kids. Here are some possibilities

And some great videos to look at:

Dig Deep For Lent: – In some ways this is an advert for CAFOD but I love the idea of encouraging kids to think about other kids who lack resources and what they could do to help.

This cartoon version is interesting and would probably hold kids attention.

Please check out our complete list of Godspace resources for Lent through Holy Week

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