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by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

Discernment as a way of life is very liberating. No more resolutions and far fewer goals. This paying attention to the journey, looking for God in the world around and in my life re-orients all that I do. It encourages a slower place in which we find satisfaction not in our accomplishments or consumption but in a growing depth of relationship to God.

At the retreat “Spiritual Discernment in a Confusing World” on Saturday, we discussed a few of the ways that God speaks to us, signposts that if adhered to help us find direction and peace in spite of the chaos around us. I focused on one of these in this week’s Meditation Monday: Read the Book of Nature.  I talk about nature and how it becomes a contemplative companion, and a means of discernment for us. Paying attention to nature and listening to when it tells us to slow down, let go or change direction, helps us to relax into the world in which we find ourselves rather than the ideal world we imagine in our minds. Through nature God is revealed, gives us permission to slow down, and encourages us to take notice of all that is around us. Celtic Christians were very aware of the God revealed through nature, something that is important to remember as we celebrate Imbolc and the life of St Brigid, this week.

Lent is also coming fast. This year I plan to return to a theme I used several years ago. Lent begins on Valentine’s Day and April 1st is the day after Easter (the last time we did this it was on Easter Sunday but being a leap year throws this off.) So the theme is…. (Drum roll) For Love of the World God Did Foolish Things. When we look at the Easter story, so much of what happens seems foolish. It seems foolish that God does not intervene to prevent a much beloved son dying a painful death on a Cross yet it was the most powerful event of history. That it happened, not at the heart of power in Rome, but in what seemed like a little backwater part of the empire, Palestine, seems just as foolish. So many “foolish things” done by a loving and caring God.  that I hope that this is a theme that appeals to you as much as it does to me.

Don’t forget to check out the rich array of resources including prayers, reflections and liturgies  available through Godspacelight for the season. Some of you might like to work through the retreat Lilly and I recorded a couple ago – “Finding Beauty in the Ashes of Lent.” I return to the practices we talk about here every Lenten season. There is much to help us begin the journey.

New Beginnings was the theme of several posts this week. Carol Dixon gave us a beautiful liturgy to help us focus our own thoughts on the new beginnings God might intend for us. June Friesen is about to move, a chance for new beginnings in a different way. Don’t miss her inspiring reflections and poem about this move in New Beginnings Once Again. Lilly Lewin in Freerange Friday – Open the Gift reflects on another form of new beginnings, that which birthdays bring. I love her list of gifts – beauty, silence, listening, friends, play and others. It’s a great post to reflect on, even if you do not have a birthday coming up. I think that Karen Wilk’s post Elder vs Older was the most thought provoking for me. “What does it look like to not just get older but to get elder?” A great question for us to think about.

As I contemplated the God revealed in nature this week, a poem I wrote a few years ago in response to meditating on a river winding through the landscape came to mind. It was inspired by Psalm 32: 8,9 and Psalm 94:23. So I reread these scriptures, reflected on the photo that focused me and updated it. I thought you might enjoy it.

My life twists and turns
Through the landscapes of this world,
Like a river flowing
Through the curves of time.
Tumbling fast, meandering slow,
Looping back upon itself.
Time lost, time gained
Aware, but not aware
Of what passes by.
Yet as from a mighty tower,
God’s eyes guide.
From a place that is all seeing, all knowing,
God looks down to show the way.
Loving eyes, compassionate eyes,
Often filled with tears of pain,
God’s eyes hold me,
Within the bank of the river’s flow.
…….(C) Christine Sine

Many Blessings


Take some time to explore Godspace Light’s Lent and Easter resources. You can find liturgies, activities, prayers and past posts to enrich and enliven your Lent and Easter season.

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