Finding Beauty in the Ashes of Lent Virtual Retreat

by Melissa Taft
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It’s hard to fathom how fast the days fly by – it’s almost time for our next retreat! We are so pleased to announce that our next online retreat will be Finding Beauty in the Ashes of Lent. Prepare your hearts for a meaningful Lenten journey with Christine Sine and Lilly Lewin on Saturday, February 26th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm PT (check my timezone). It’s just a few weeks away, so consider registering today! Click here to get started:

What do you need this Lenten Season?

What are you longing for as you look towards Easter?

How can we create Beauty from the Ashes of the past two years?

Now entering the third year of pandemic, we are weary and in lament. Lent is the perfect time to grieve, reflect, and yet find hope and beauty. Lent is meant to prepare our hearts, not just for the celebration of Easter Sunday, But also for that celebrative attitude and the celebrative deeds of new life in Christ that should fill our hearts and our lives at all times. Consider downloading and reading our Lenten guide Hungering for Life: Creative Exercises for Lent as a preparation.

This retreat is designed to hold space for the lament while journeying through to the joy of Easter via activities, contemplation, reflection, and more. If you’ve been to any of Christine and Lilly’s past retreats, then you know there is lots of fun and nourishment in store! On that note, if you have attended a retreat before, do remember that we offer a discount. Email us for the code – or email us for a code if you plan on attending or watching later with a group, as we do also offer a group rate.

Those who register for the event will have the option to watch and participate live or watch the video at their convenience and participate via survey later (plus following along with the activities whenever it is watched). The best benefit of registering? Even if you cannot attend live, you get all the resources plus the video to keep forever and work through at one’s own pace, rather than a course that has a set amount of days to complete. However, the retreat WILL also be available as a course – so if you miss it initially, you’ll still have time this Lenten season to journey from ashes to joy with Christine and Lilly!

Finding Beauty in the Ashes of Lent Virtual Retreat

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