Prayers for Creation by John Birch

by Christine Sine
andrew shelley Hzbq4de24kQ unsplash

Today’s Lenten prayers are by my friend John Birch who writes beautiful contemporary Celtic prayers and liturgies which are available through his website: Faith and Worship.

Make me a tree, Lord
Deep rooted
To those in need,
To those who are weary,
For those who hunger.
Make me a tree, Lord
Deep rooted

For the promise of harvest
contained within a seed
we thank you.
For the oak tree
within an acorn,
the bread
within a grain,
the apple
within a pip,
the mystery of nature,
gift wrapped
for us to sow,
we thank you.

For more Celtic prayers on a theme of creation, check out Faith and Worship.

Photo by Andrew Shelley on Unsplash

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