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by Christine Sine
Godspace Light Community Facebook Group 1 min
by Christine Sine,
Over the last month we have held several zoom calls with our Godspace authors. It was enriching for all of us to get to know each other and learn more about what each person creates outside their involvement with Godspace. Most have active and enriching blogs and/or youtube channels. Some have written books or created other products we think you would enjoy. As well as that there is a large community of Godspace followers who regularly blog and hold discussions of shared interest.  All of this has made me realize that we need to provide a better platform for us to share ideas and hold discussions about topics of interest to all of us in the Godspace community.
This is your invitation to join the new group we created called the Godspace Light Community on Facebook!
This is a place to discuss a whole-life faith that embraces spirituality especially contemplative, Celtic, & creative spiritual practices, environmental & economic sustainability, social & environmental justice, and gardening & creation care.
This group is part of the ministry of Godspace Light blog and resource center.
Our hope for this group is that our authors on Godspace and our readers can interact more with each other and the topics that we post about here as well. It is a private group so while the group is visible, the people that can see who is in the group is limited to those that are approved. The group is visible so that anyone can find the group (just not be able to see the content or who is in it) and be approved.
We are very excited about this new opportunity and hope that you will join us as we engage in discussion.

Group Rules from the Admins

  1. Godspace Light Community Topics: Stay on topic: Contemplative, Celtic, & creative spiritual practices, Environmental & economic sustainability, Social and environmental justice, Gardening & creation care
  2. Be Respectful of Others: Political, argumentative, and disrespectful posts will not be approved and comments of this nature will be deleted. Be kind, compassionate, and hospitable.
  3. Comment Guidelines: Comment more than you post, we like to encourage dialogue. No spam comments.
  4. Post Limit: Limit posts to 1 per day.
  5. Promotional Guidelines: Ads or events may be accepted upon approval if in keeping with Godspace topics listed above.

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