Its Knuckle Biting Time

by Christine Sine

Last week as you know, we started a kickstarter campaign. A whole 30 days of knuckle biting vulnerability.

One of my friends who has recently completed her own campaign commented

Are you freaking out yet? It was the worst emotional roller coaster of my life. The whole middle of the campaign, that is between the first day or two and the last day or two, can drag on forever and you’ll feel like you’ll never make it and it’s agonizing. And this may feel like the longest 30 days of your life. But putting yourself out there in such a public way to be funded is surprisingly personal and really affects you.

She is right. This is a very vulnerable and personal thing to do, particularly here on the blog. We are now down to 23 days to go and I am already feeling discouraged because we are only 12% towards our goal.

So I am asking you: Want to join MSA on Kickstarter to help us offer E-courses?
MSA Kickstarter

Enough said? Go here:

Alright, maybe a few of you need a little more.  Read on!

So, you know all the things that you love about MSA, the inspiring content, the collaborative creativity, the diverse community, and the deep spiritual formation?  That’s what we want to offer through a series of online courses that will connect us in conversation, study, practice and global community.  The first one will start this October, Reimagining How We Prayer, based on the popular book Return to Our Senses, but that is just the beginning. Seminar and workshops reaches 10, 20, 50 people in one location, e-courses reach across the globe and draw thousands of people from England to Australia into the MSA community and MSA ethos. People can work through the course at their own pace, taking time to reflect and renew their spirits. This, we believe will strengthen their faith and transform their spiritual life.

We want to bring the same type of collaborative exploration we do in our writing and speaking to a much wider community of Mustard Seed Associates – and this is how you can help us do that.

 Many of you have told me how much you would appreciate having a course like this available. But we need your help to make it happen.

Here are four ways you can help:

1.     Check out our Kickstarter site and watch the video 

2.     Consider making a small donation and help get us to our goal! A donation of $75 means you get to be one of the first to participate in our new course.

3.     Share the link with others on facebook, twitter, or your favorite

4.     Say a prayer for a successful campaign and keep watching as we cross the finish line, Lord willing!

Click here!

Don’t Delay – Collaborate Today!

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Coe Hutchison August 6, 2014 - 2:17 pm

Keep after us. Especially if you get close, then people will give more at the end just to get over the top. Good work!!!

Christine Sine August 6, 2014 - 3:08 pm

Thanks Coe that is an encouragement to me.

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