Sacred Spaces

by Christine Sine

Gregory Nelson —


It is 5 AM in the Pacific Northwest and I am listening to the ancient choral music of Thomas Tallis in my den. Each morning I light three candles in front of a small wooden cross on my bookshelf.  Above the cross is an impressionist painting of four dancers – a reminder that in our incarnation we dance with the Trinity.

All of this is sacred space to me. There is nothing magical about the collection that makes up my room – pulled apart and scattered into other rooms these ‘sacred objects’ become quite ordinary and most likely overlooked amidst the busyness of life.  It is the intentional pulling together and visitation that creates space for the sacred.

I am hoping that you are reading Godspace today because you too find sacredness in the intentional gathering of voices that make up this blog. I am also trusting that you will consider helping support this space that you intentionally visit.

Coffee Love

Will you buy us a cup of coffee?Thank you,

If each of you who regularly read the blog could symbolically “buy the team a cup of coffee or a beer” once a month, Godspace will be able to not only carry on its mission but have the necessary resources to cultivate new voices and readership.

Whether it is $5, €5 or £5, your monthly support at the table will make all the difference.

Thank you,
Gregory Nelson
Board member, Mustard Seed Associates

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