2016 – It's a Wrap!

by Christine Sine

Andy Wade —

As I reflect over this past year with Mustard Seed Associates I am filled with thankfulness.

Andy WadeI see God’s shalom flooding our little community as the outgoing MSA board and incoming transitional board met for a common purpose, to move us faithfully into the future. The grace, support, and encouragement of the outgoing board was simply amazing. To Mark Mayhle, David Vandervort, and J.Paul Fridenmaker, a hearty thanks for years of support and guidance!

Our incoming board has poured hours into walking us through this process of change. Greg Nelson, Forrest Inslee, Andi Saccoccio, Greg Abell, and Derek McNeil have contributed invaluable guidance, insight, connections, and encouragement. We simply would not be where we are today without their leadership. My heart is overflowing with gratitude.

Our leadership transition from Christine to me began on August first and is now complete. I could not have imagined a smoother or more gracious transition of leadership. I am truly indebted to Christine and grateful for her friendship and direction over the years.

August also marked the 25th MSA Celtic Prayer Retreat. In 2017 we are planning for major changes to the retreat, including partnering with other organizations to expand and deepen our time together.

Finally, our Godspace Community Blog continues to inspire, encourage, and challenge as writers from nine different countries bring their unique insights to living as followers of the way. 2017 will see significant changes to the blog that will enhance our readers’ experience and facilitate deeper interactions between authors and between readers and authors.Tom & Christine SineI am grateful for the vision and leadership of Tom Sine who planted the first mustard seed, a seed which would grow and flourish into a tree providing shelter and fruit around the world for over 25 years. I am grateful for his voice challenging and speaking into my life for more than thirty years.

  • I am grateful for Christine’s unique leadership style, which shaped MSA into the organization it is today.
  • I’m grateful for the many board members over the years who helped support and guide MSA along this journey.
  • And I’m especially grateful for all of you, faithful friends and fellow mustard seeds, growing hope, peace, healing, and love in neighborhoods around the globe.
May your New Year be filled with the deep and abiding shalom of God. May this shalom so fill your life that it spills out into the world around you, proving that God’s Kingdom is indeed among us and is rapidly spreading with the fire of love.


Andy Wade
Mustard Seed Associates

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