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by Christine Sine


It’s September and, for North Americans, routines are returning to “normal” as summer ends and kids return to school. In the Southern hemisphere spring has sprung and everyone is looking forward to summer. Now’s a great time to dig in, reconnect, and renew. MSA is here to help with our new line-up of online classes, retreats, workshops, and a new set of prayer cards!

Upcoming Retreats and Workshops

If you’re unable to attend the Rest in the Moment retreat, you may want to look at Reimagining How We Pray in our online school. Many of the same practices are outlined there, with guided video to help you incorporate various spiritual practices.

Our Online School is Growing!

MSA’s online school now has 13 classes to choose from. But why choose when you can take as many classes as you want for just $25/month? For more details on each class please check out our school page. Some of these classes have free introductory videos!

Here’s a quick line-up of what we’re offering:

  • Reimagining How We Pray, with Christine Sine
  • The Spirituality of Gardening, with Christine Sine
  • Animate Practices 1: Eating and Praying, with Brian McLaren and Sara Miles
  • Animate Practices 2: Worship, with Mike Slaughter and Phyllis Tickle
  • Animate Practices 3: Community, with Shane Claiborne, Enuma Okoro, & Doug Pagit
  • Creating the Common Good 1: Economic Inequality, with Bishop Julio Murray
  • Creating the Common Good 2: Christian Responsibility, with Rachel Held Evans
  • Creating the Common Good 3: Educational Inequality, with Nicole Bake Fulgham
  • Creating the Common Good 4: A Christian Response, with Justin Welby
  • How to Simplify Your Life, with Mark Scandrette
  • Animate Faith 1, with Brian McLaren, Mark Scandrette, and Lillian Daniel
  • Animate Faith 2, with Nadia Bolz-Webber and Shane Hipps
  • Animate Faith 3, with Lauren Winner and Bruce Reyes-Chow

Coming Soon!

Rhythms for the Day, a new set of prayer cards which will include morning and evening prayers and questions for reflection.


Also coming soon — Brigid and the Hospitality of God, – an MP3 of liturgies and music for worship and reflection drawn from our 23rd Celtic retreat.

Get Ready for Advent!journey.advent


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