FreerangeFriday: Poem from a thinplace

by Lilly Lewin
door Orans chapel

By Lilly Lewin


The Door is still Open

Propped Open

Cross the threshold into a thinplace

Into Peace

and Rest

and Joy.

Into Wonder

Into Beauty

Into Creation and Creativity

The Door is Open!

Propped Open!

Are you Ready to go through it?

Are you Willing?

It just takes One Step at a Time!

Walk forward and Believe

Walk forward and Receive…

.All that the Thinplace has to show you!

All that the Thinplace has to offer.

Leave your mat!

Rise and Walk.

Written on Iona in Oran’s Chapel May 2023 ©Lilly Lewin


We all have thinplaces in our lives. Places where we have experienced the presence of God, the presence of the Holy. Like the mountains or the ocean or watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset. I believe we also have thinplaces in our regular lives. Things we do, or love that help us to experience the presence of God. We all need to allow ourselves, to give ourselves permission, to do more of those thinplace things! You might experience thinplace while working in the garden or baking bread. For some people it’s through music, playing it or singing it. For others, their thinplace it outdoors, running, hiking, even surfing! it might be in your creating something or in writing

Where do you feel God’s pleasure and God’s presence? That’s your thinplace!

Take some time to consider the places you’ve experienced God’s presence in the past and take time to be be grateful and thank Jesus for these experiences and places.

Take some time to consider what your regular life thinplaces might be….How can you experience more of the thinplace in the days, months ahead?

What would it take to put aside your fears and walk through the doorway, across the threshold into a new thinplace with Jesus in the months ahead? Ask Him to show you!

©lillylewin and

If you might be interested in Finding Your Thinplace , JOIN US FINDING YOUR THINPLACE Pilgrimage August 28-Sept.4th this summer. We are looking for a few more pilgrims to join us to discover the beauty and wonder of Iona! Find out more HERE!




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