Still Waters, Reflections in the Lake

by Christine Sine
Greenlake, Seattle

by Christine Sine

I am back into doing daily awe and wonder walks, and it is wonderful. The delight of absorbing the beauty of spring and the joy of inhaling the fragrance of flowering trees is intoxicating. For the last couple of years I restricted my walks because of its impact on my asthma. Now I feel I have a new lease of life.

Last week I walked around Greenlake for the first time for months and drank in the beauty and the tranquility of the early morning scene. I often think that it must have been scenes like this that inspired my Celtic forebears to write poetry. It often has that impact on me, though I must confess I kind of cheat. I took a number of photos because I know that for me, these photos are a wonderful stimulus to meditation as they draw me back into the landscape that inspired my awe and wonder. Since then I have been mesmerized by this photo that I took during my walk and it inspired the prayer below.

Today I sat in silence for a few minutes reliving that scene and once more drinking in the beauty. I hope you too will pause in your day to absorb the beauty of God’s world around you and enter the serenity and peace that it beckons us into.

Still waters,
Reflections in the lake,
Serenity catches me by surprise.
I makes me pause,
And hold my breath,
When I catch glimpses,
Of this surpassing beauty.
A never to be forgotten moment.
An image imprinted on my mind.
God’s glory held in the stillness ,
Of a lake.

(c) Christine Sine 2023


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