FreerangeFriday: Cup Prayer

by Lilly Lewin

By Lilly Lewin

Just a reminder for the weekend,  we cannot pour from an empty cup!

So take time to actually get some rest! #RESTisHOLY

Take a walk outside, draw, play, get coffee with a friend, do something that brings you joy and refreshes you!

My birthday was yesterday, so like all good hobbits, I want to give you a gift for my birthday. As you may know,  I love to pray with my coffee each day and got inspired a few years ago to PRAY WITH YOUR CUP through Holy Week. So go over to and get the free download and save it a resource to use this April.


Consider the cup
How is your cup today? Look at your coffee cup/mug/teacup What do you notice? Is it full? Empty? Faded? Cracked or Chipped? How are you feeling like that cup? What do you need to pour out? What do you need Jesus to pour into your cup? May be Peace or Joy? Compassion .. for yourself & for others? Energy to keep going?
What do you need in your cup today?
Jesus is with you & me in the messiness of this life.
In the chipped and cracked places.
In the empty places and the places that are stained & scratched.
Jesus loves us and is with us right where we are!

Drink that in today!

Grab a spoon!
What is stirring in you today? What does the Holy Spirit want to stir in you? As you use spoons throughout the day/week, ask Jesus/Spirit to show you what is being stirred in your life & what needs to be stirred.

A Prayer for you and your Cup…

Lord Jesus…
Help us to be, to share and drink from
Cups of Transformation
Help us to be Cups of Resurrection
Cups of Restoration
Cups of Healing and Wholeness
Safe to drink from
We are Stained and broken, chipped and cracked…
And some may say we are not the favorite one in the cupboard or on the shelf,
But you Jesus, Love us just as we are!
And use us just the same.
Fill us Jesus with your Living Water!
Help us to share Living Water with those around us!
And bring refreshment and great flavor to our world!
©lillylewin and

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