Establishing A Rule of Life – A Discussion with Tom and Christine Sine

by Christine Sine
Tom and Christine at the Mustard Seed House

by Christine Sine

Last week Tom and I recorded a Facebook live session on Establishing a Rule of Life. Not only was it extremely popular but we had some amazing responses including the beautiful poem below by Ana Lisa De Jong. Ana Lisa commented: “Thank you Christine Sine and Tom Sine for the inspiration. Your inspiring FB live today and your Mustard Seed community is a fruitful harvest in itself.” For more information on rule of life check out this post Establishing a Rule of Life Rooted in Shalom Enjoy the recording and the poem.


Teach your children to plant trees. 

Teach them to open their hands, 

scatter seeds.

The world which would squeeze them to its mould,

would have them hold on tight,

bury them under its avalanche 

of consumption.

Whereas breathing, living,

is found in breaking open,

pouring ourselves out.

Scattering the seed 

which without there isn’t fruit. 

Teach your children the beauty of creation.

That what we do makes a difference,

just in the act of doing. 

The war for our children’s souls is quiet, 

quiet as the drug that lulls them to sleep. 

Open their hands, give them seeds. 

Ana Lisa de Jong 

Living Tree Poetry 

January 2022

Looking for New Mustard Seed House Members

It seemed very appropriate to post this today as we are also looking for new members for the Mustard Seed House

Tom and Christine Sine are looking for some younger Christians interested in an alternative living opportunity where we help one another create our best lives together.
30 years ago we purchased an old house in Seattle with 3 separate apartments and shared laundry. We live as a small intentional community, the Mustard Seed House, where we help each other grow in our Christian faith, garden together and reach out to those in need. Interested?
We just finished remodeling our 2 bedroom, 2 bath basement apartment and are looking for 2 to 3 younger people – ideally a couple and single or a young family, to join us.
Here is what makes this housing option a little different:
1. People on all three floors have a meal and participate in a spiritual exercise together once a week.
2. Each floor takes turns in hosting and preparing the meal.
3. We garden together once a month and grow a large portion of our fruit and vegetables.
4. We do hospitality together … when the pandemic permits.
We are looking for new friends who are serious about their faith, are open to a co-operative model of life together that includes a community garden time each month.
Interested? Call 206 5242111 for more details and a copy of the Mustard Seed House guidelines.

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