A Prayer for the Morning

by Melissa Taft
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by Jenneth Graser

I come into awareness of myself in your presence

seated with you in my blue rocking chair.

I come into the stillness of the room,

light a candle of simple faith.


I place every worry that comes to mind into your care

and stretch out my thoughts into prayer,

mindful of the sounds of the listening morning

and the waking of dawn.


The song of the hour is gentle

and soft, as night eases to day.

There is no hurry in the calling of birds

and the crashing of waves on the shore.


I lean back into your full knowing of me

and allow each blockage release

from off of my mind with the love of your hand

on my head, and the sound of your singing.


I think of your movements in my life;

no hindrance is too big for you, each worry recedes

as you part wide the waters, on clear golden pathways 

of peace, you are walking me home.

public domain painting from rawpixel, by Claude Monet

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