Big Change (Transfiguration) Sunday

by Christine Sine

by Rodney Marsh

“Jesus was completely changed” Mk 9:2

It seems it was Jesus’ habit to go, by himself, to pray daily in a ‘lonely place’. This day was different. Peter had, six days earlier, told Jesus that his disciples believed Jesus was the promised ‘coming King’. In response, Jesus’ words became dark and he predicted his death. Would his followers continue to follow him? After all he also spoke about a ‘resurrection’. Peter’s interpreter (Mark) tells us what happened on the seventh day after Peter’s confession (sundown day 6), Jesus led Peter, James and John up a mountain. There Jesus’ friends experienced a blazing vision of Jesus talking with Moses and Elijah, complete with an enveloping  cloud and the voice of God saying, “This is my son, and I love him. Listen to what he says!”(v7). For Jesus and his disciples this was a reaffirmation of Jesus’ baptismal status as “my son” and a promise of God’s support (“I love him”). Moses and Elijah had both received mountain top commissions to rescue God’s people, so God’s words also included an affirmation that Jesus and his friends were on the right track and Peter et al (including you and me) should do (thats was to ‘listen’ means) what Jesus’ says. The lessons of Big Change Sunday: Like Jesus, we too daily need, and will daily receive, affirmation from God that we are a much loved child of God – if we are willing to go to pray  with Jesus in a lonely place. Like Jesus, every day we will receive affirmation that we are on the right track and will receive strength for the journey – if we are willing to go to pray with Jesus in a lonely place. Like Peter, James & John these gifts will come after we name Jesus’ as our Lord and are willing to continue to follow where he leads. 

Climbing Mountains with Jesus

Mountains – I’ve seen a few, climbed some (little ones),
Mountain top experiences – I’ve had a few, but they never lasted,
When I met Jesus I discovered there were lots more mountains to climb – big ones, and every day too,
I am still climbing. Every day,
Every day the track gets steeper and narrower but so much easier because, though,
I still cannot see the path ahead, my shepherd always gently guides me in the right direction,
And on the Jesus’ trail, I have never been afraid or alone.

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