Welcome to Earth Day

by Christine Sine

by Christine Sine

April 22nd is such an important day to celebrate the goodness of God in creation.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to record this podcast with Beth Bond at the Evangelical Environmental Network for their Mom’s group. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

I have also been doing some more research on plastic and how to decrease its use in my life. As a result I have decided to do away with plastic milk bottles and go with glass. There is only one farm in the Pacific NW that does this – Twin Brooks Creamery . With the deposit on the bottles my milk will be no more expensive than in plastic and I love their mission statement. We are a family owned & operated dairy that exists to glorify God through the stewardship of the soil and animals He has entrusted to our care, in the best possible way.

I also came across this great video – recycling plastic as asphalt sounds like a wonderful way to get rid of so much of what now goes in the landfill.

The photo above may not have anything to do with my post but as we celebrate the goodness of God in creation on this important day I wanted to share it with you. It is magnificent, awe inspiring and huge (6″ across)

Epipphyllum Unforgettable – 6″ blooms.

When we try, and use a little of our God given creativity, we can all make a difference in surprising ways.


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