The Spirituality of Listening

by Christine Sine

A Spirituality of Listening

A Review – Christine Sine

The Spirituality of Listening by Keith Anderson is one of the best books on listening as a spiritual discipline that I have read in a long time. God is still active in our world today Keith contends, and God still speaks to us. The problem is that we have forgotten how to listen and need to re-learn this most basic of practice.

Books about listening often start with retreat and withdrawal but Keith starts in the place where we all live – in our everyday lives full of noise, tweets and emails. To the question Is it possible to hear God’s voice today? Keith’s response is a resounding yes. God can be heard in every aspect of life.

I love the way Keith interweaves theological insights with stories and practical tools for listening. Each chapter ends with a helpful summary and simple exercises that enrich our experience of listening.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who desires a deeper walk with God and a heightened ability to hear the voice of God. Enjoy!

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