Shalom & Wholeness and Store Sales

by Lisa DeRosa

by Lisa DeRosa

Shalom & Wholeness

As we began preparing these materials for the shop, we realized that Godspace does not have a clear location for the topics of Shalom & Wholeness. We have fixed that! Please visit the Prayers, Liturgies, Seasons & More page to see it (scroll down this tile)!

The Gift of Wonder Online Retreat

In Module 2, we ask “What fun activity did you do that you have not done since you were a child?”. Here are some answers we have received from our current retreaters:

  • “Have resumed adult colouring and paper activities” – N.G.
  • “I drew pictures. I don’t usually like to draw as I was picked on as a child for my drawing but I really love it so I tried again and it was fun!” – V.A.
  • “Had an outdoor tea” – P.A.
  • “Created with play-doh” – C.K.

Sign up now as we are scheduling the webinars for our paid retreaters this coming week!

Sales Happening Now!

We are grateful for what seems like extra time or maybe just extra motivation to get these eBooks up and other downloadable resources for you! We appreciate your support and purchases as these help to keep Godspace and our store functioning! As these are new releases, they will be on sale in our shop for the next two weeks.

We have two new products for you to enjoy during our sale: Shalom and the Wholeness of God as well as Journey Into Wholeness: Soul Travel from Lent to Easter. These are all eBooks! Please click on each item below to view.


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