Final Days of Prayer Card Sale

by Christine Sine

Our apologies to those of you who have been unable to order cards during our sale last week.

We extended the sale until March 30th! 

$1 Off 1 Set or Download

$2 Off 3 Sets

Gift of Wonder Prayer Cards

We have also created a special set of Gift of Wonder prayer cards to compliment Christine’s newest book, The Gift of Wonder. These cards are designed to enrich your study of The Gift of Wonder. Prayers from the book are illustrated with images to assist your contemplation on each of these 12 cards. The back of each card provides a short excerpt with a question for you to reflect on as you study and process what you are reading.

Celtic Prayer Cards

Each set contains 10 prayers inspired by ancient Celtic saints like Patrick and Columba or by contemporary Celtic writers like John O’Donohue. A short reflection on the back of each card will introduce you to the Celtic Christian tradition. These cards can be used by individuals for daily meditation or by groups. They can also be used for spiritual direction, counseling and grief therapy. Celtic Prayer Cards with prayers by Christine Sine and crafted by Hilary Horn with Celtic design and contemplative Celtic imagery.

Breath Prayer Cards

God breathed and soil became human beings (Genesis 2:7). The resurrected Jesus breathed and his disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit, giving birth to the new creation (John 20: 22).

Some feel that the very name YHWH is meant to be breathed rather than spoken. From the moment we are born, until we die, every breath we take is a breathing in of the life of God and a breathing out to share God’s love and life with the world. Breathing in YH and out WH is a simple breathing exercise which can be combined with one of the prayers in this set.

Unique design with a breath word and prayer, each card will help lead you into a powerful meditation. Set of 12 prayers designed by Hilary Horn, written by Christine Sine and photographs by Christine.

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