August Book Bundle and Prayer Card Sale!

by Christine Sine

In a recent survey, we were told that people really like the prayer cards in our store, so we are offering them on sale for the month of August! A book bundle includes the book as well as a set of prayer cards. If you have not checked them out yet, please do!

These cards are great for using as a spiritual practice that allows you to focus on the words and photo by tangibly holding the prayer card. They make a great gift for family and friends as well!

Book Bundles on Sale!

  1. The Gift of Wonder + Gift of Wonder Prayer Cards
  2. Return to Our Senses + Breath Prayer Cards
  3. To Garden with God + Celtic Prayer Cards
  4. A Journey into Wholeness + Breath Prayer Cards
  5. A Journey Toward Home + Advent Prayer Cards
  6. Waiting for the Light + Advent Prayer Cards
  7. Return to Our Senses + Study Guide + Breath Prayer Cards – Download
  8. To Garden with God + Celtic Prayer Cards – Download

Prayer Cards on Sale!

For the month of August, our prayer cards are on sale! One card set is $9.99 and 3 sets are $24.99!

Breath Prayer Cards: Uniquely designed with a breath word and prayer each card will help lead you into a powerful meditation. Contains 12 cards in a set.

Buy 1 set or 3 sets


Celtic Prayer Cards: Each set contains 10 prayers inspired by ancient Celtic saints or contemporary Celtic writers. A short reflection on the back of each card will introduce you to the Celtic Christian tradition.

Buy 1 set or 3 sets


Advent Prayer Cards: This set of 12 cards will help you reflect on the Advent and Christmas story. They begin with Celtic Advent including 6 for Advent, 1 for Christmas Eve, 4 for the Christmas season and 1 for the Eve of Epiphany.

Buy 1 set or 3 sets

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