Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine

Once again I am a little behind in posting these prayers from Light for the Journey. So much happening at the moment that I want to comment on.

Evening prayer - Bonnie Harr

Lord Jesus Christ, may our hearts be in tune with you,
May our thoughts and our deeds proclaim your kingdom.
May we shout aloud your freedom,
And point the way to justice.
Until your ways are known on the earth,
And your love reigns over all.

(Christine Sine)

God kindle in my heart within
A flame of love to my neighbour,
To my foe, to my friend, to my kindred all,
To the brave, to the knave, to the thrall,
O Son of the loveliest Mary,
From the lowliest thing that liveth
To the name that is highest of all,
Kindle in my heart within
A flame of love to my neighbour.
(Adapted from a Gaelic blessing)

Watch O Lord

Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight,
and give Your Angels and Saints charge over those who

Tend Your sick ones, O Lord Christ.
Rest Your weary ones,
Bless Your dying ones,
Soothe Your suffering ones,
pity Your afflicted ones,
Shield Your joyous ones,
And all for Your love’s sake.


(Contemplative network)


Remind us often, Lord
that we are chosen
to share the good news,
and point the way to you.

Remind us often, Lord
that in our labours
we can show your love
in everything we do

Remind us often, Lord
that through your power
we can do all things,
your Spirit sets us free.

Remind us often, Lord
that we are chosen
to live by your Word
and reveal your glory!


Lord Jesus Christ,
Speak more loudly when we do not hear,
Shine more brightly when we do not see,
Hold more tightly when we feel lost,
Lord Jesus Christ,
Draw us closer in all the paths of life.

(Christine Sine)

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Margaret Feinberg January 22, 2013 - 2:49 pm

What beautiful lyrics, thanks for sharing Christine.

Christine Sine January 22, 2013 - 4:22 pm

Your welcome

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