Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
earth touches heaven

Earth touches heaven – photo by Coe Hutchison

Here is my weekly round up of facebook prayers. I appreciate those of you who let me know when and how you use them in worship services and for your own daily prayers. Blessings and and enjoy!

Lord Jesus Christ may we come to you,

With grateful hearts and thankful spirits,

May we come willing to obey, to trust to serve,

Knowing you hold the whole world in your loving hands


Lord Jesus Christ awaken us to who you are,

May we bathe ourselves in your redeeming power,

And sun ourselves in the glory of your radiance,

May we feast on the sweetness and the beauty of your love,

And see in you the revelation of God,


God may we today keep your name holy in all we are and do,

May we trust you for provision without fret or worry,

May we be as concerned for the needs of others as for our own,

May we believe that in all things your ways are better than ours.


God you have called us into freedom,

May we use it to follow you with our whole hearts,

May we use it to serve one another in love,

May we use it to grow your kingdom of peace and wholeness.


Lord Jesus Christ may love of you bubble up from within us,

May gratitude overflow in ceaseless praise,

May our lives give thanks as a sacrifice that truly honours you.

May we follow this path and see the revelation of your salvation.

This prayer is inspired by Psalm 50: 23


God you hide in our hearts,

Waiting for us to draw close.

May we seek you with teachable spirits,

Taking time for your quiet whispers,

Making space for your loving presence,

Giving thanks for your generous provision.


Life is a gift from God,

Let us cherish it

Love is the language of God’s kingdom,

Let us practice it,

Jesus is the way to God’s heart,

Let us follow him.


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marth Hopler July 7, 2012 - 8:50 am

Christine I am in a time of wondering what my relationship with God will look like and how it is that I want to engage both in cooperate settings and my own personal time. these prayers feel closer to what I am looking for as they create a sense of relationship.

Christine Sine July 7, 2012 - 9:01 am

Martha I am glad that they speak to you. As you can imagine they come from my own sense of relationship to God and both the love and struggle that I experience

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