Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
earth touches heaven

Earth touches heaven – photo by Coe Hutchison

Here is the week’s round up of facebook prayers. Enjoy

Life is a gift from God,

Let us cherish it

Love is the language of God’s kingdom,

Let us practice it,

Jesus is the way to God’s heart,

Let us follow him.


God of love and compassion,

God of hope and promise,

God of faithfulness and truth,

May we in all things see your face today,

That we might trust and obey.


God of wonder and might,

God of glory and majesty,

God of joy and faithfulness,

Help us to see, to know, to trust,

That you are the One in whom all life holds secure.


Jesus you say

Peace, rest in me,

Peace, hold firm to me,

Peace, trust in me.

You are the way the truth and the life,

May we trust in you and never be afraid.


God your words are truth,

Your ways are life,

Your purposes are eternal,

May we look to you and never be afraid.


Lead us Lord Jesus Christ into your ways of righteousness.

Let your truth go before us,

Let your justice stand behind us,

Let your love surround us.

Keep us Lord in the places where your presence shines.


The glory of God’s presence surrounds me

The wonder of Christ’s love holds me close

The comfort of the Spirit makes me strong

God you who are the three in one, the one in three

Be with me forever.


Teach us to pray O Lord,

Draw us closer to you, to your world , to each other.

Teach us to pray, O Lord,

With compassion and love and forgiveness.

Teach us to pray, O Lord,

Until all that we are and all that we do,

Becomes a gift of prayer to you.


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