Prayers for the Journey

by Christine Sine
earth touches heaven

Earth touches heaven – photo by Coe Hutchison

Here is my weekly round up of prayers that I have posted on facebook. If you want to read these as they are posted each morning you can like the Light for the Journey page

May all things today draw us closer to Christ

May the love of God bubble up from within us

And overflow in acts of kindness, generosity and peace


Lord Jesus Christ you are faithful and true

You are righteous and holy

You are loving and merciful

May we join ourselves to you today and follow the paths of life


Let us always remember the wonder of God’ love

Let us always remember the beauty of God’s world

Let us always remember the joy of God’s faithfulness

Let us remember and give thanks


Let each breath that you take breathe in God

Let each step that you make live for God

Let each word that you say glorify the One who fills our world with life and love


Jesus teach us to pray as you did,

Not in thought and speech but in truth and action,

Jesus teach us to love as you did,

In compassion and mercy, with patience and kindness,

Jesus teach to live as you did,

Considering the needs of others as more important than your own.


Let the love of God soak into your heart,

Let the peace of God soak into your soul,

Let the life of God soak into your spirit,

May they transform you and make you whole.

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Charis Psallo May 12, 2012 - 6:15 pm

Beautiful. Do you sometimes find yourself calling it “Faithbook”? (I do.)

Christine Sine May 12, 2012 - 7:13 pm

No can’t say that I do – lovely term though

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